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Black teens who experience or witness racism or discrimination may feel stressed, fearful, angry, sad, or anxious. Distressing thoughts or painful memories might lead to academic challenges, behavioral and emotional concerns. It is important for Black teens to know that they are not alone in their experiences and that there are tools they can use to work through those difficult emotions, discuss their experiences, and regain their confidence. Teens can use this workbook independently, or with the support of a therapist, educator, coach, family member, or caring adult. Written by a team of Black mental health experts and grounded in culturally responsive cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), this engaging workbook offers powerful strategies to help Black teens manage their emotions and heal racial stress caused by microaggressions, stereotypes, bullying, unfair treatment, and overt racism. They will also learn to find strength in their cultural identity, gain the skills needed to resist racism in today's world, and thrive!

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