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New Release

Healing Racial Stress Workbook For Black Teens

Skills to Help You Manage Emotions, Resist Racism, and Feel Empowered (The Instant Help Social Justice Series)

Teens will gain tools to help them:

  • Name and define their experience

  • Explore how racial stress can impact their thoughts, feelings, and behavior

  • Create a “game plan” for responding to racism

  • Apply what they have learned out in the world

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At a time when Black students continue to deal with implicit and explicit racism inside and outside of schools, this is a much-needed resource that helps them to understand, heal, and act in the face of racial stress and trauma. This invaluable workbook has powerful tools, resources, and strategies for anyone working with Black students who want to see them thrive and experience joy.”

Tyrone C. Howard

Pritzker Family Endowed Professor in the School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA

Book Reviews

This workbook is an excellent guide for Black youth to learn ways to manage and move through racial stress and trauma. The authors include the perfect combination of information, reflection, and activities to equip Black adolescents with a repertoire of strategies for navigating the complexities of racism in ways that honor themselves in the process. This is an essential resource for Black youth and all who care for them.

Sharon Lambert, PhD

Professor of Clinical-Community Psychology at The George Washington University

Isaiah B. Pickens, PhD

A refreshingly engaging and evidence-informed resource for young people who have felt confused, angry, or powerless in the face of racial trauma. This workbook equips Black teens to navigate the nuances of managing the stress of racism while drawing closer to cultural pride and wholeness. I’m confident any teen that completes the activities in this workbook will discover the joy of healing and be inspired to make the world better!”

CEO of  iOpening Enterprises, and Former Assistant Director of the National Center for Child Traumatic Stress (NCTSS)

Book Foreward

Written By

Howard C. Stevenson, Ph.D.

Dr. Howard Stevenson is the Constance Clayton Professor of Urban Education, Professor of Africana Studies, in the Human Development & Quantitative Methods Division of the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. He is the Executive Director of the Racial Empowerment Collaborative, a research, program development, and training center that brings together community leaders, researchers, authority figures, families, and youth to study and promote racial literacy and health in schools and neighborhoods. From 2015 to 2021, he was co-director of Forward Promise, a national philanthropy office that funds community-based organizations that help families of color heal, grow, and thrive above the trauma of historical and present-day dehumanization.

He received the 2020 Gittler Prize, by Brandeis University, for outstanding and lasting scholarly contributions to racial, ethnic, and/or religious relations. He was listed in the 2021 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings of the top university-based scholars in the United States who did the most to shape educational practice and policy. In 2021, Dr. Stevenson was elected to membership in the National Academy of Education (NAEd). The NAEd advances high-quality education research and its use in policy and practice and consists of U.S. and international associates who are elected on the basis of outstanding scholarship related to education.

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